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Generate Solutions is a digital marketing agency focused on developing marketing strategy for SMEs. We work alongside you and your challenges to ensure that you get a great marketing solution that delivers ROI. We will transform your marketing into something creative, exciting and manageable. We work with clients both in the UK and in France which enables us to deliver campaigns across Europe and in multiple languages.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Want to improve sales and not sure what you should do in terms of marketing strategy? Do you read lots of conflicting advice about the ‘best’ marketing channel for 2016? Your prospects will use digital platforms to inform their buying decisions but you might not know which ones. We can help your map out your customer journey, build your personas and draw out your sales funnel. With this information we can help you combine your business goals into a clear and actionable marketing plan. We will outline the channels best for your business and what ROI you can expect from your marketing activity. If you already know what channel you would like to invest in we have explained more about what we offer below.

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  • Social Media

    Lost in the world of social media? Don’t know how to decide between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+? Or you have all of these channels but no followers? Or perhaps your have lots of followers but this isn’t actually generating you new business? We will develop a social media strategy that works for you and your objectives. We will teach you how to source great content relevant to your prospects in your industry. We will develop a roadmap that is achievable based on your internal resources. We spend time getting to know your prospects and what channel they like to hang out on.

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  • Web design and UX

    Have an image in your head but not sure how to get it on paper? Or have no idea about custom design versus templates? No idea how big your website should be or what information you should include? We not only create beautiful websites, but ones that will always have your users in mind. They will deliver on looks but also on functionality. They will help you to grow your prospect database and will integrate with your social platforms. All of this will be done in a way that allows you to have more free time to do what you do best, which we imagine isn’t formatting images for your blog.

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  • Email marketing

    Are you getting no-where fast with your email campaigns? If you are frustrated with low open rates and click throughs then we will help you. Email is reliant on a number of key factors such as data, templates, send times and authority. Generate solutions will work with you so that you can optimise your core communication point with both customer and prospects.

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  • Content strategy

    Tired of looking at a blank page? Or sick of spending money with agencies with no new leads to show for it? We have a different approach to content strategy. We will work with you to repurpose existing content to keep your costs low and will teach you how to newsjack and use third party content. We will develop a bespoke strategy that means content creation is something you can manage in-house.

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  • Data

    Not thought about your data recently? You are not alone. Despite being core to digital marketing it is the oft-neglected party. The majority of businesses lose valuable prospects because their data is mismanaged; we don’t want that to be you. We can help you figure out a data strategy that gives you new business leads and good customer communication.

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  • SEO and PPC

    Afraid to invest in SEO or PPC because of the spiralling costs? We can show you cost effective strategies that will help you connect with new customers and remind old ones that you are still around. SEO is intrinsically linked to content development and we will show you how the two fit together without throwing loads of technical jargon around.

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Social Media

Pulse when using LinkedIn Jennie Holmes

Which is better for LinkedIn? Using Pulse or posting blog links?

We review if you should use Pulse when using LinkedIn or promote your own blog posts Given that LinkedIn acquired Pulse in 2014 for $90m with the aim that it “be the definitive professional publishing platform – where all professionals come to consume content and where publishers come to share their content.” It should be a…

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Say yes - GDPR and your marketing strategy

GDPR and your marketing strategy

GDPR concern is on the rise: Christmas aside, the searches around GDPR (RGPD) have been steadily increasing as we head towards the May 25th deadline. At Generate Solutions our main concern is how GDPR will impact on marketing activities. We focus on opt-in and management of lists that are GDPR compliant because this is how…

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Content Strategy, Marketing Strategy

Using Google Search Console Queries to improve your website traffic

This is one of my favourite uses of Search Console within Google Analytics. Once you’ve connected your Search Console to your Google Analytics site you can begin to see which search terms (long tail) are driving traffic to your website already. The advantage of this use is that you are able to see the ‘low…

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What people say

logo-nataquashop-avis- generate solutions

Jennie produced a high quality audit. We left with a clear solutions and a workable plan that corresponds to our requirements. Thank you! And we are only at the very beginning of our collaboration …


Caroline Barthelemy | Founder of Nataquashop

I’ve worked with Jennie for over a year now and her marketing knowledge is second to none. She is very detailed and exceptionally good at tracking marketing activities to ensure there is a return on investment. It is a pleasure working with her and I would highly recommend her.

Josephine Carnell-Phipps | Founder of Illuminate Digital
united advisers group

Jennie has been an absolutely invaluable addition to our team and has made such a positive impact on our inbound marketing effort and our social media presence. We all find her very easy to deal with and super responsive. You won’t find better anywhere else out there!

David Payton | Operations at United Advisers Group

I greatly recommend working with Jennie at Generate Solutions if you are looking for ways how to professionally enhance your social media performance not only on Facebook, but on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms as well!

Dominik Plüss | Online Marketing at Edel & Stark

Jennie has her finger on the pulse when it comes to all-things-digital, so it was great to hear her words of wisdom about using Twitter for business. Jennie’s knowledge is excellent & she shares her expertise in a way that shows she really cares about your future success with using digital. I’m keeping my eye out for more sessions like this with Jennie in the future.

Robyn Santa Maria – Founder of Red Robyn Communications

“One of our principal objectives was developing our list. Generate Solutions has given us a strategy that works for our business operation. They have a good understating of the frustrations we felt as an SME. I really appreciated the time that they took to explain data management and policies, and they did this in a way that was accessible to someone with no prior experience.”

Jen Wagstaff – Director at Creative Mind

“Working with Generate Solutions has been a pleasure. They are great at communicating and ensuring that the project runs on time. They also have gone the extra mile to give suggestions and tools that will help in future projects. They really understand data and analytics meaning we got good reporting at the end of the campaign”

Gidi Delayahu – ‪Owner at Digital Insights

“We found Jennie to be perceptive, diligent, thorough and insightful. The strategy gave clear steps to implement in “real life”. We also appreciated how Jennie understood the capabilities of our company and built a strategy that was suitable and viable. I would highly recommend Generate Solutions to any company serious about meaningful social media presence and digital marketing”

Abigail Wallace – Founder and Director, ACREW

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