Need a fresh perspective this year?

Tired of being part of the herd?

Want a better way to reach your prospects?

Can’t see the wood for the trees?

We work with you to make the right decisions about marketing channels, products and services.

Developing marketing personas that are aligned to your business objectives is always the first step. We will analyse if you should, or shouldn’t invest in a website for example. Using fancy tools, we work out the digital activities of your personas and how your competitors are driving traffic.

By defining your target audience, refining your offer and honing your positioning we help you identify the right strategy for your business. The strategy will be full of smart tactics that need testing, analysing and amending to ensure a good marketing ROI.

What works for one company, won’t necessarily work for another. We don’t have a magic wand, we do have a great process though. This drives the right results for our clients. This is why our e-reputation is awesome and we have never ever had to prospect.

It’s a partnership

Our clients work with us. They share their business plan, their margins and their current performance. If this doesn’t seem like a good working relationship, we recommend you look at another agency. We get great results because we become part of your team and treat your budget like it was our own.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Want to improve sales and not sure what you should do in terms of marketing strategy? Do you read lots of conflicting advice about the ‘best’ marketing channel for 2021? Your prospects will use digital platforms to inform their buying decisions but you might not know which ones. We help map out your customer journeys, build your personas and draw out your sales funnel. Then we combine your business goals into a clear and actionable marketing plan. The marketing strategy will outline the best channels for your business and what ROI you can expect from your marketing activity.

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  • Training

    Upskill yourself and your team with our digital training. We all have to start somewhere when it comes to social media marketing. Our digital marketing training is always bespoke. This is the best way for you or your team to learn as it is tailored to the learning requirements and business objectives.

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  • Website strategy and audit

    Have an image in your head but not sure how to get it on paper? Or have no idea about custom design versus templates? No idea how big your website should be or what information you should include? We not only create beautiful websites, but ones that will always have your users in mind. They will deliver on looks but also on functionality. They will help you to grow your prospect database and will integrate with your social platforms. All of this will be done in a way that allows you to have more free time to do what you do best, which we imagine isn’t formatting images for your blog.

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  • Content strategy

    Tired of looking at a blank page? Or sick of spending money with agencies with no new leads to show for it? We have a different approach to content strategy. We will work with you to repurpose existing content to keep your costs low and will teach you how to newsjack and use third party content. We will develop a bespoke strategy that means content creation is something you can manage in-house.

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Book reviews, Marketing Strategy

Sapiens can help with your marketing. I sh*t you not.

Sapiens is one of those books that I will go back to time and time again. Admittedly, it took me a while to finish as I had to keep pausing to think about the information that was being given to me. As someone who has become increasingly attached to nationality, since Brexit and moving abroad,…

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Book reviews

The art of thinking

It seems like the perfect book for a COVID-19 lockdown ; Thinking, Fast and Slow. In reality, I finished this book a few months ago and am only now getting to writing up my thoughts on it. Also, is an emphasis on slow. Thinking Fast and Slow has taken me over 3 years to finish. This…

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Book reviews, Marketing Strategy

Lucky bastard?

Guy Raz, on the NPR podcast How I Built This, often asks his interviewees if they believe that their success was due to luck or hard work. This is one of my favourite bits of the show and the reason that I bought the book Smart or Lucky? by Judith Hurwitz. I know from the last 3 years at…

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What people say

logo-nataquashop-avis- generate solutions

Jennie produced a high quality audit. We left with a clear solutions and a workable plan that corresponds to our requirements. Thank you! And we are only at the very beginning of our collaboration …


Caroline Barthelemy | Founder of Nataquashop

I’ve worked with Jennie for over a year now and her marketing knowledge is second to none. She is very detailed and exceptionally good at tracking marketing activities to ensure there is a return on investment. It is a pleasure working with her and I would highly recommend her.

Josephine Carnell-Phipps | Founder of Illuminate Digital
united advisers group

Jennie has been an absolutely invaluable addition to our team and has made such a positive impact on our inbound marketing effort and our social media presence. We all find her very easy to deal with and super responsive. You won’t find better anywhere else out there!

David Payton | Operations at United Advisers Group

I greatly recommend working with Jennie at Generate Solutions if you are looking for ways how to professionally enhance your social media performance not only on Facebook, but on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms as well!

Dominik Plüss | Online Marketing at Edel & Stark

Jennie has her finger on the pulse when it comes to all-things-digital, so it was great to hear her words of wisdom about using Twitter for business. Jennie’s knowledge is excellent & she shares her expertise in a way that shows she really cares about your future success with using digital. I’m keeping my eye out for more sessions like this with Jennie in the future.

Robyn Santa Maria – Founder of Red Robyn Communications

“One of our principal objectives was developing our list. Generate Solutions has given us a strategy that works for our business operation. They have a good understating of the frustrations we felt as an SME. I really appreciated the time that they took to explain data management and policies, and they did this in a way that was accessible to someone with no prior experience.”

Jen Wagstaff – Director at Creative Mind

“Working with Generate Solutions has been a pleasure. They are great at communicating and ensuring that the project runs on time. They also have gone the extra mile to give suggestions and tools that will help in future projects. They really understand data and analytics meaning we got good reporting at the end of the campaign”

Gidi Delayahu – ‪Owner at Digital Insights

“We found Jennie to be perceptive, diligent, thorough and insightful. The strategy gave clear steps to implement in “real life”. We also appreciated how Jennie understood the capabilities of our company and built a strategy that was suitable and viable. I would highly recommend Generate Solutions to any company serious about meaningful social media presence and digital marketing”

Abigail Wallace – Founder and Director, ACREW

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